The Grammar School in Litomyšl

The History and Present of the Grammar School in Litomyšl

The history of the Grammar School in Litomyšl has a long history. It was founded by Frebonie, Vratislav of Pernstejn´s granddaughter, in 1640. She was the person who invited members of The Piarist order to come to Litomyšl. In 1644, she had a church college and houses of residence built for them, where they worked as teachers for 230 years. In 1923, a new school building was constructed. It was the first secondary school building built in the Czechoslovak Republic. Since then our Grammar School has been using that building up to now.

The name Grammar School of A. Jirásek ( in Czech „Gymnasium Aloise Jiráska“ - after a famous Czech writer who lived and taught in Litomyšl) was bestowed on our school in 1990. About 350 students study there in both eight and four- year study programmes. The staff is made up of almost 40 qualified teachers and other personnel.

Since October 1, 2001 the school has been operated by the Pardubice region.

Studying at grammar school is aimed at students, who, after leaving elementary school or even erlier- after the fifth form of elementary school, would like to get high- quality comprehensive education and corresponding preparation for university studies. There are two full- time general study programmes - four - year and eight- year.

Advantages of our school

The Grammar School organises a lot of cultural, social and sporting events every year. You can see the programme of prepared events on our website

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